International transport of your horse

Of course EQUILEC also provides the best possible transport for your horse.
We are happy to help you find the right transport company for your horse's journey.
We work with reputable, experienced transport companies that specialize in the worldwide transport of horses and have a long history of experience in this field.
Your horse is in the best hands with us.
The import regulations of the various countries are individual and usually very complex.
For many years, we have been ensuring that all regulations are met and organising a smooth process so that you can take delivery of your horse as quickly as possible.

Horse transport for Premium-Members

4400 RMB + Kilometres/ 600 € + Kilometres (incl. VAT)
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Horse transport for Business-Members

2200 RMB + Kilometres/ 300 € + Kilometres (incl. VAT)
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Horse transport for Non-Members

4400 RMB + Kilometres/ 600 € + Kilometres (incl. VAT)
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EQUILEC, together with the transport company, takes care of all transport-related tasks optimally and effectively:

  • Collection of your horse from the vendor
  • Stabling in our stables until the start of quarantine
  • Arrangement of necessary insurances
  • Organisation of the necessary pre-export examinations by a veterinarian appointed by us or you
  • Contacting the responsible authorities
  • Preparation and dispatch of the necessary health papers and customs documents
  • Organising the export quarantine
  • Flight booking
  • Horse travel planning
  • Road transport to the airport
  • Organisation of stabling at the airport, if necessary
  • Personal handling at the airport
  • Transport assistance
  • Coordination with the agents in the recipient country

Further information

After receipt of payment, we will contact you by e-mail to discuss the further procedure of the transport.

You have questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems!
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