Horse shopping service & Rent-a-Rider

Buying a horse is a matter of trust!

  • Are you planning to come to Europe to find your dream horse?
  • Maybe it is not possible for you to come here right now and you have found your horse online or through a recommendation?
  • A foal or a young horse?
  • A more experienced show horse?
  • A horse for leisure riding or for your riding school?
  • You have a very individual horse wish?
  • You need independent veterinary advice, e.g. in the context of a purchase examination?
  • You need legal advice and representation by a lawyer?

If so, we can help!
EQUILEC offers a wide range of options to assist you with your horse purchase.
With a package tailored to your individual needs, we will represent your best interests.

Sales picture
Sales picture © Burghof Brodhecker/Nau Fotografie

Horse shopping service & Rent-a-Rider for Premium-Members

2200 RMB/ half day + Kilometres/ 300€/ half day + Kilometres (incl. VAT)
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Horse shopping service & Rent-a-Rider for Business-Members

1850 RMB/ half day + Kilometres/ 250€/ half day + Kilometres (incl. VAT)
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Horse shopping service & Rent-a-Rider for Non-Members

3300 RMB/ half day + Kilometres/ 450€/ half day + Kilometres (incl. VAT)
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1. Pre-planned horse shopping tour for your visit to Europe

You have decided to buy horses here in Europe.
Let us know your wishes regarding the purchase of horses and we will organise everything until your arrival.

  • We will organise your individual tour, arrange appointments and will put together sensible, effective itineraries for you.
  • Receive your personal horse tour with dates as well as addresses and organise your trip yourself.
  • We will also gladly take care of visa preparation, accommodation or car rental for you.

2. Pre-planned horse shopping tour including expert guide

As already mentioned above, we will prepare everything for you.
Furthermore, we will additionally take care of the entire organisation of your horse tour: So you can be sure to get an optimal time planning during your stay in Europe.
We will take care of bookings of rental cars, hotels, restaurants and more. In addition, your personal tour guide will accompany you. He or she will interpret and assist you with words and deeds.

3. Online shopping tour- rent your rider

Buying a horse is a matter of trust.
It's good to have an independent advisor at your side who can advise you on all aspects of buying a horse.

  • It is not possible for you to come to Europe at the moment to see your future horse in person?
  • You would still like to try it out?
  • You would like to get a first impression of the horse's health and condition?

No problem!
Trust us. We have been offering this service to our customers for 11 years.
Buying a horse is always a matter for the boss at EQUILEC! Your trust is important to us!
We always accompany the online horse inspection ourselves.
During the live online inspection, tell us exactly what you would like to see from your prospective buyer. In advance, we will conduct a detailed preliminary discussion with you as well as with the horse owner.
During the online inspection, we test ride the desired horses, make videos of the rides and then contact you for an interview with a detailed report.
Honestly and independently, we give you a recommendation.

4. Independent veterinary advice and purchase examination

  • You have found a suitable horse, but you are not sure yet?
  • You don't know how to interpret the purchase examination or the x-rays that are already available or you would like an independent purchase examination?
  • You still have doubts?

No problem!
Give us your trust and contact us.
Our veterinarians are experienced experts and have been working in the horse industry for many years.
They act as independent consultants.

Checking the back muscles
Checking the back muscles © Rubly

Further information

After receipt of payment, we will contact you by e-mail to help you with your horse purchase according to your individual wishes.

You have questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems!
WeChat Equilec: L01777443768
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