Breeding service and insemination service

Deciding to breed with your mare can be a great experience.
We will be happy to advise you on the mating of your mare with the right stallion.
We will be happy to explain our suggestions to you.
After finding the right stallion, we will be happy to support you in the further steps.
We work closely with the EU Insemination Clinic of the State Stud in Zweibrücken. The insemination clinic uses the latest technology on site and carries out regular veterinary examinations with follicle checks and ultrasound examinations. This makes it possible to determine the right time for insemination, especially if frozen semen is used.
Should your mare be in foal, we will of course continue to accompany you until birth.

The procedure is quite simple: The mare is inseminated with the stallion of your choice. During the time of insemination, your mare can stay with us in the stable. The care of your mare is guaranteed, including daily paddock exercise.

Embryo transfer

As a breeder, you may be interested in using embryo transfer technology to produce better foals. With your valuable mare, can be bred more successfully compared to traditional breeding methods.
During an embryo transfer, the insemination clinic works closely with the mare and her owners. In this procedure, an embryo is removed from the biological mare and placed in the uterus of another mare. The recipient mare carries the foetus to term and later gives birth to and weans the newborn foal.
This method has the following advantages:

  • High-class mares can continue to compete.
  • You can continue to breed your current mare even if she cannot carry or give birth to a foal.
  • You can breed your older mare and not risk her health by carrying to term.
  • You can breed more than one foal from several mares.

It is possible to perform a remote embryo transfer. This has the advantage that your mare can stay in her home stable through artificial insemination without ever leaving it.

Chilled & Frozen Sperm

In cooperation with the State Stud in Zweibrücken it is possible to purchase fresh and frozen semen from our stallion collection. The team is experienced and highly trained. The laboratories ensure that only semen of the highest quality is shipped. We assist with ordering, handling, documentation and return of shipping containers. We can ship the refrigerated and frozen semen worldwide.

If you are interested in any of the above, please feel free to contact us for a customised quote:

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