Five out of 19 – Werth’s Burg-Pokal formula

The best statement at the beginning: “Of course it continues,” announced Andreas Politicky, member of the board of NÜRNBERGER Versicherung, Sales and Marketing, immediately after the 32nd final as part of the International Festhallen Equestrian Tournament in Frankfurt. The NUREMBERGER Burg Cup will enter its 33rd season in 2024 – with the final in Frankfurt. 19 horses qualified for the final and today won the final of the NUREMBERGER Burg Cup for the fifth time - more often than any other rider. Isabell Werth and the Burg Cup make history at the 50th International Festhallen Reitturnier Frankfurt (IFRF). The nine-year-old Skovens Tzarina, a daughter of Olympic stallion Blue Hors Zack owned by Victoria Max-Theurer, shone in the 32nd final of the NUREMBERGER Burg Cup under Isabell Werth and won with a score of 76.878 percent. “Tzarina is an absolute world-class horse,” enthused Werth. “This mare has everything – especially a lot of go and spirit!” Werth emphasized that she also has a lot of talent for the entire topic. “And I think you could see that the passage is already very expressive and she really has no difficulties in the canter.” The mare attracted attention at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses when she was five years old, and has continued to mature in Frankfurt, not least because of her light-footedness, energy and consistently good support. Finalist number 20 is in the pipeline for next year, explained Werth with a smile, and spoke of the former federal champion So Unique. The plan is in place, but she will wait and see how the horse develops. Leonie Richter was already competing in the Frankfurt Festhalle as a 22-year-old, back then as a pioneer of the NUREMBERGER Burg-Pokal. Five years later she was one of the 'real' participants for the first time and put in an impressive round with the seven-year-old stallion Lord Europe. “Lord Europe took part in the second indoor tournament of his life here,” said the 27-year-old. “He was still pretty impressed by the atmosphere on Thursday and couldn’t really let go.” This was especially noticeable in the step tour. From sixth place in the warm-up test, the pair made a big leap forward in the final and moved up to second place. “I'm really proud of how he trusted me more and more here and pulled it off today. That made me most happy.” The son of Lord Leatherdale was a premium stallion at the Hanoverian licensing in 2018 and arrived in Frankfurt with the highest qualification score of 77.951 percent (Görlitz). In the final, the young couple achieved 75.366 percent. Helen Langehanenberg had two reasons to be happy. With eight-year-old DSP Danny Cool, the team world champion took third place in the final and also received the special honorary award for the best backwards pointing. “I saw Danny Cool for the first time when I was four years old and was completely in love,” admits Langehanenberg. “The suppleness that he brings, this long-legged and elegant look, that convinced me from the first moment.” This year in particular, the Sandro hit grandson has developed enormously. “At the beginning of the year I didn’t expect to be able to ride here at the end,” admitted Langehanenberg and was even more pleased about this success. The special honorary award for seat and influence went to Emma Kanerva. “I'm incredibly proud,” said the Finnish championship rider happily. “You want to be a role model and ride well and show that to the outside world. There are so many great riders here, when you receive an award like this you feel very honored.” Tournament director Matthias Alexander Rath enjoyed the Burg Cup final to the fullest. “We experienced a very good finale: great, error-free rounds with really great horses! I think we were able to show the spectators some really beautiful dressage sport.” The NUREMBERGER equestrian team's preparations for the 2024 season are already in full swing. “We received a total of 40 applications for locations for next year,” explained Politicky. “Of course that makes us very, very proud and it shows us how widely accepted this series is.” Eight stations were set, regionally distributed across the entire country. A new station in the hall will be added with Darmstadt-Kranichstein in 2024.

The stations of the NUREMBERGER Burg-Pokal for the coming year have already been determined:
• 24th-28th April Horses & Dreams Hagen
• 9th-12th May Horse International Munich
• 6th-9th June Longines Balve Optimum
• 11th-14th July Bettenroder Dressage Days
• 1st-4th August Elmloher Riding Days
• 15th-18th August dressage tournament Rosenhof Görlitz
• 12-15. September CHI Donaueschingen
• 17th-20th October Kranichstein Indoor Dressage Masters (Hall)

• FINAL: 19-22. December International Competition Frankfurt

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