Interview Qinyu Pang

Name: Qinyu Pang
Age: 21 years
Home base: Beijing, Hünxe
Level: 135cm

About Qinyu

Riding and singing... at first glance, these two activities have nothing in common and cannot be combined, right?!
But different with Qinyu Pang! The 21-year-old show jumper and singer has been combining his two passions of riding and singing for many years.

It all started at the Phoenix Riding Club in Chongqing. Qinyu Pang came to horseback riding through his father. "Actually, it was just for fun, but somehow I stuck with it," explains the young show jumper. In his home riding club, the Phönix Club, he already met Andreas Rubly. The Rubly family has been working at the Phönix Club for many years. Andreas Rubly visits the club regularly, teaches coaches and students there. So did the young Qinyu Pang a few years ago. "I noticed Qinyu back then," says Rubly. "He had a very balanced seat and a very trained eye for his young age." Pang also likes to remember his training with Andreas Rubly. "Of course, when I saw Andreas again on the Sunshine Tour in Vejer de la Frontera together with his daughter Johanna, I immediately remembered him," says Pang with a smile. "Back then in China, he gave me a lot of helpful tips," explains the Chinese show jumper.

After a short time, some high-ranking national successes came in China. "My greatest success so far was definitely the 4th place at the national championships in China". During his time in China, Qinyu was able to gain some important experience, which he is happy to pass on to younger riders both in China and in Europe. “I think it is very important that young riders have an experienced horse. Experienced horses in particular often help out young riders on the course,” the rider, who was successful up to 135 cm, announces. Pang also finds international training very important. That's why the young show jumper moved his home base from Beijing to Hünxe, to Bertram Allen's stables, a good six months ago. “Bertram is currently one of the best riders in the world. I knew that if I could improve my riding with anyone, it would be with Bertram and his brother Harry.” He also lives in Hünxe with his girlfriend. "This way I can be on site at the barn better and faster." Qinyu Pang currently rides three horses a day. He leased two of them from Bertram Allen and his brother Harry. “With Bertram and Harry there is always a lot of variety on the programme. Sometimes we ride dressage, then we jump again." Since Bertram and Harry often go to international shows, Qinyu Pang accompanies the two siblings together with his girlfriend and the three horses. The 21-year-old has high hopes for one of the horses: Calculatus. “Calculatus is an eight-year-old gelding. Together with Harry and Bertram he can already show successes up to 140cm. My family and I bought it a few months ago. I ride him from time to time, but he is still mainly ridden by Harry, who is supposed to train him further.”

Besides riding, Qinyu Pang has another passion: singing. "Singing has always been a great passion of mine," says Qinyu. Currently in Europe to train at Ballywalterfarms, Pang attends an online singing school to further his musical education. "My dream is to be a singer someday," Qinyu admits. In China he is already known as a singer.

The young man also has some goals in equestrian sport. He would like to continue training with Bertram and Harry Allen, gain international experience and maybe even open his own club in China.


Johanna: What was your funniest experience at a show?
Pang: Well, I don't have a funniest experience. I try to improve at every show.

Johanna: Do you have a favorite show?
Pang: The show at the Birdsnest in Beijing is one of my favorites.

Johanna: Do you do recreational sports alongside horseback riding?
Pang: No, not really.

Johanna: What profession would you have chosen if you hadn't become a "rider"?
Pang: I want to be a singer

Johanna: What is your favorite food?
Pang: Noodles

Johanna:Do you have a favourite animal?
Pan: Horse

Johanna: Series or movie?
Pan: Both

Johanna: Beach or mountains?
Pang: Beach

Johanna: Which is your favorite travel destination?
Pan: Paris

Johanna:How do you combine work and private life?
Pang: Thanks to my online singing school, I can combine riding and singing well.

Johanna: Who (dead or alive) would you like to have dinner with?
Pang: Marcus Ehning

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